LPD NuVu Internal Roomfold Oak Lincoln Glazed

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Designed to support a maximum load weight of 25kg per door leaf, the universal tracks coupled with the corresponding frames facilitate the following configurations using multiples of either 21”, 24” or 27” leaves:

If purchasing FRAME AND TRACK ONLY- NO DOORS. Any 533, 610, 686mm LPD doors can be purchased provided weight of each leaf is under 25Kg. Please contact us to ascertain weights of chosen doors. Generally all 533mm and 610mm doors are under 25Kg. This system is not suitable for Fire Doors.

Frame of Engineered Construction and supplied Unfinished.

Doors are Unfinished and of Engineered Construction.

Clear Glazed

Available Configurations

3+0 (3 doors to one side)

3+1 (3 doors to one side, one door to the other)

3+3 (3 doors to each side)

4+1 (4 doors to one side and 1 to the other)

Please see sizes in the Description Tab below.

Track Can Be Purchased On Its Own. (Includes Frame)

For further information please see here.


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LPD NuVu Internal Oak Folding Sliding Lincoln Glazed

DOOR SIZE (3 leaves – 3+0) Standard Frame Size Structural Opening Size Head Length Cutting Size CODE
534mm (21”) 2130mm x 2078mm 1681mm x 2083mm 1671mm NVFS21303/0*
610mm (24”) 2130mm x 2078mm 1912mm x 2083mm 1902mm NVFS21303/0*
686mm (27”) 2130mm x 2078mm 2140mm x 2083mm 2130mm NVFS21303/0*
DOOR SIZE (4 leaves – 4+1) Standard Frame Size Structural Opening Size Head Length Cutting Size CODE
534mm (21”) 2816mm x 2078mm 2214mm x 2083mm 2204mm NVFS28163/1*
610mm (24”) 2816mm x 2078mm 2522mm x 2083mm 2512mm NVFS28163/1*
686mm (27”) 2816mm x 2078mm 2826mm x 2083mm 2816mm NVFS28163/1*
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